A Guide to Buying Your First Laser Cutter

A laser cutter is one of the most sought after tools of today with more people looking to purchase their first. Unfortunately, when it comes to using a laser cutting machine, a lot of people aren’t sure which model is for them. It can be difficult to know for sure which cutting machine is best as there are quite a few options available to choose from today. Why don’t you read on to find a brief guide to buying your first laser cutter today.

You Must Consider Size

First of all, you have to think about just how big a machine you can afford to buy. Do you have a lot of space available or very little? Will this be used in the home or out in a garage or work space? These will be important things to consider when you’re looking to buy a co2 laser cutter. You want to make sure the machine is going to be able to fit in to where you wish to place it. For example, if the work space outside lacks room, you have to make sure you buy a machine that is more compact or that will certainly fit into the space available. It does make all the difference today.

Think About Costs

Next, you have to give some thought over the actual price of the machine. Prices can range significantly so while you might assume you are going to spend thousands, it’s not always the case. However, when you’re looking to buy your first laser cutter, you have to ask yourself how often is this going to be used? If you want to use the machine every single day then you might want to invest in a bigger and more costly machine. However, if you plan to use this once every few months, a less costly one might be more to your advantage.

Always Look At Brands and Features On Offer

When you are looking to purchase a co2 laser cutter, you have to think about a few things such as the type of features available with the device and the brand you’re choosing as well. Now, brand might not mean much to you now but sometimes you can feel better and more comfortable when you choose a brand you already know or have used in the past. That can be a very important element to think about when it comes to buying a laser cutter and it’s certainly something you want to think about today too. What is more, looking at the type of features available with the machine might also play a very important part as well. Click here.


Buy the Most Appropriate Laser Cutting Machine

You are investing money into a laser cutting machine and it’s not going to be a small investment which means you want to invest wisely. It’s important to get a machine that is easy to use but also that offers good value for money as well. This will make a real difference and if you take your time, you can surely find a machine that works perfectly for your home. Buy the best laser cutter.

What are the uses of a laser engraver machine?

The Laser is the abbreviation of “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”, that is to say Amplification of Light by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It is a system that produces a coherent and concentrated beam of light through electronic stimulation or molecular transmissions to lower energy levels in an active medium (solid, liquid or gaseous). When applied in the processing of materials, the laser engraver is verified that the high energy density of the Laser beam promotes the fusion and evaporation of these, in regions very localized as a function of the high thermal gradient generated.

Where is the laser engraver used?

Right now, it is possible to verify the application of the laser engraver in completely diversified areas, such as: Materials processing (welding, cutting, surface thermal treatment, machining and engraving) and dimensional control, medicine, dentistry, entertainment, telecommunications, etc.

In the Materials Processing industry the application of the laser engraver machine is present in the following markets:

  • Assemblers and Auto parts
  • Mechanical Transformation (Machinery, Equipment and Service Providers)
  • Electro electronics
  • Transportation (Road, Rail, Metro, Maritime, Air)
  • Glass and Non-Metallic

What are the advantages of laser engraver machinefor the industry?

In fact, thelaser engraver machineis the most advanced technological process for thermal cutting, which has as main advantages:

  • High precision
  • Excellent quality of cut surface
  • Minimum deformation levels, emissions of smoke and noise
  • Minimum Thermally Affected Zone (ZTA)
  • Extensive breathing (Kerf), reducing material loss
  • High cutting speed
  • Extremely versatile when processing an immense variety of materials
  • Automated system that enables the cutting of complex geometric figures with 2D or 3D

Other advantages of using a laser engraver machine

In addition to these characteristics, the increasing technological evolution has made it possible in recent years to reduce the cost of initial investment in equipment and increase their power, thereby accrediting LASER CORE as an excellent option not only for an exclusively technical evaluation, in the case of processing of non-metallic materials, but also by a cost-benefit analysis for cutting metals. It is with this vision that the LASER CUT process becomes increasingly an emerging need in several companies, expanding on a large scale in the world scenario and particularly in Brazil. More details.

How effective is this process?

The efficiency of the laser engraver machine process is mainly related to:

  • Quality of the positioning system and relative movement of the material set / cutting head
  • Layout
  • Capacitating of operators and programmers
  • Quality of gases used
  • Quality of gas supply facilities
  • Technical assistance

There are many offers of Laser Systems on the market and an evaluation of all the variables that influence the complex phenomena involved in this process is fundamental to obtain the desired results. Among the main variables, we can highlight:

  • Type of material to be processed, its chemical composition and thickness
  • Quality required for cutting and its geometry
  • Production Scale

What kind of materials can be processed?

One of the main advantages of this process is its extreme versatility in processing different materials. The most commonly used are:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum and alloys
  • Titanium
  • Plastics and Acrylics
  • Rubber and Composites
  • Wood
  • Paper, Leather and Fabrics
  • Glass and Quartz

The 411 on Laser Cutters & Engravers

One of today’s biggest industries is that of laser cutters engravers. With the advancements, it’s made over the past few decades, we now see laser engraved and cut products on a regular basis in our day to day lives. Here’s what you need to know about the large and growing industry.

History of Laser Cutters & Engravers

The first actual functioning laser machine was developed in the 1960’s, but didn’t have much use. After some advancements in knowledge and technology, a laser called the CO2 laser was developed. From being, it was used as a drilling tool for diamond dies in the mid 1960’s, to being widely used in factories such as Boeing in the early 1970’s, laser tech has been around and thriving for decades. These days, the automobile industry remains the biggest buyer of laser cutting resources. The laser machine world is so widespread it has a hand in almost every product we see on the market.

Ease of Use with Laser Cutters

Nowadays, you can set up your laser machine easily to work with your pc. Most systems attach similar to that of a printer and have extremely user-friendly software. Being a non-contact process, laser machines experience low wear and rarely require maintenance. Other than maybe cleaning a focus lens, your machine should have a long operational life with little needs. Also, your machine should have no problem running files such as Vector and Bitmap, which will make your customization journey so much simpler. Correspondingly, the laser cutting and engraving process is amazingly fast, and customization of goods can be done multiples at a time.

How Laser Cutting and Engraving Works

Designing with a laser engraver or cutter is a quick and efficient way to tailor any product. The lasers implemented in these processes usually involve that of a CO2 laser engraver. The CO2 laser is made by the use of carbon dioxide gas which receives electronic stimulus. These types of lasers have a wavelength of 10.6 micrometers and are primarily used on non-metallic resources. Wood, glass, acrylic, plastics, textiles, leathers, and stone are all customary materials that can be made-to-order with a CO2 laser. The most used laser for management of metals is a fiber laser. The fiber lasers beam is augmented by glass fibers which increase its beam to up to 100 times stronger of that of a CO2 laser. These metal manipulating lasers have a wavelength of 1,064 micrometers and have atremendously miniscule focused beam. more explained in this post: http://www.bobcaygeonwinefestival.com/laser-cutters-can-new-best-friend/

Laser Cutting and Engraving

Laser cutting and engraving has come a long way in its time. Being one of the most efficient and developing products in the world, it has consumed the products of today. There are so many different alternatives you can do with a laser cutting or engraving machine. Your mediums are almost endless, and all that’s holding you back is your own creativity. The science behind it, the ease of use, and the history behind laser cutting and engraving are sure to keep developing for years to come.


How to Fight Stress

When it comes to laser cutting, you’ve got your work cut out for you. (Get it?) After all, you only get one shot to make your cuts with pitch perfect precision, and that’s not to mention the danger involved. Lasers are no joke. After all, you are using them to cut things, so missing the mark could lead to missing some fingers. It’s hard work that requires plenty of manual dexterity and patience, to be sure, and that could lead to a heaping helping of stress. The thing about subjecting yourself to prolonged stress for work is that, on paper, you’re doing this noble thing by working as hard as possible for the best results, but the stress adds up and will leave you overall less productive, sloppier in your craft, and apathetic. Therefore, you’ll want to find a way to blow off some steam to get back to normal on the hedonic treadmill. Here are some suggestions to help you do just that.

cuttingFirst and foremost, let’s talk about good old fashioned rest and relaxation, or R & R. The first item on my list of ways to unwind after a hard day’s work is to take a nice, long, hot bath. The hot water will relax your muscles, which is just what the doctor ordered after tensing your neck and shoulder muscles at work. Not only that, but it will also help you relax on a cognitive level, as well, if not put you right to sleep. If baths aren’t your thing, though, perhaps simply taking a quick nap will help. You’ll want to keep your nap at a half hour or less, though, so that you don’t enter REM sleep. REM sleep is the deepest stage of sleep and the stage during which dreaming occurs. During a night’s sleep, you will naturally ease out of REM sleep and approach wakefulness gradually. However, if you wake yourself up during REM sleep, the sudden shock to the system will leave you feeling even more tired than before with a side of confusion or slight panic. It takes about half an hour to get into REM sleep, so that’s also the cutoff point for your nap.

Next on the list is a meditative return to nature. The wilderness, despite the name, tends to be a pretty tranquil place, for the most part, if it’s even remotely close to civilization. That, and there’s some truly mind blowing scenery to take in along the way. So, one way to unwind is to go on a camping trip, for example, or a fishing trip, or simply a hike. Be sure to grab some outdoor gear from L.L. Bean to take the edge off and help you relax more readily.

Laser Cutters Can Be Your New Best Friend

Laser cutters are used to engrave products and cut materials like wood, plastic, and fabric. Different sizes and models of laser cutter machines are available to meet the needs of a business or individual. Some manufacturers of these machines boast a client base that spans multiple industries.

There are various enjoyable hobbies that any of us can get involved in that make use of laser cutter machine. With a little education, protective equipment, and ready to learn, we can master this art.

Creating Models

The common materials that can be cut with laser cutters include acrylic, cardboard, cork, fabric, leather, wood, and rubber. In engraving is made possible on these and many more materials, including painted metals.

The result is a project thatlooks like it was created by a professional, complete with the most intricate details and shading. Depending on the type of machine used, the worker may need to hold down the material being used so it will not move during the engraving or cutting process.

Engraving Personalized Name Plates

Using a metal laser cutter to carve a personal design for a metal sign and license plate cover crafts a professional look. Acrylic and plastic can be cut into numerous shapes, including attractive snowflakes that make great holiday displays.

Use these laser cutter machines on brick, marble, ceramic, or granite to craft intricate artwork that will serve as a kitchen backsplash or outdoor mural.With the wide collection of compatible materials and the aptitude to either cut or engrave on some, there are so many potentials.

The size of the engraving area matters.

Anyone who likes to sew or do leatherwork will find that laser cutters make their projects much easier. Create adorable shaped pillows and make varsity numbers and letters from scratch. If youngsters in the family have older siblings in the Girl or Boy Scouts that earn merit badges, make the little ones their special badges for helping with household chores.

These look just like the real thing, making any child feel more important for their contributions to the home.

Crafting Homemade Jewellery

These are just a few of the fun projects that look more professional when a laser cutter is used. Once the individual feels comfortable with the new skill, he or she can try engraving on mirrors and glass to create nice gifts or party favours. People with the most advanced skills can engrave on round surfaces, do 3D engraving, and even set up their models and awards. A tool like this becomes something that hobbyists will wonder how they lived without.

If your hobby involved cutting heavy materials, you might want to consider using a laser cutter for your next project. A laser cutter can make seamless cuts or engravings on things such as metal and leather without damaging the product.

To conclude:

The great thing about laser cutter machines is that now they are quite affordable, versatile, and perfect for DIY types as well as large companies. Overall lasers represent some of the best tools, and if you are someone who’s fascinatedby creative arts, a laser cutter machine might be the tool for you.  You can go luxurious with an RF or metal tube or purchase a value or more affordable glass tube laser cutter.

Giving a Magical Gift This Christmas with a Laser Engraver Machine

Christmas is only a few weeks away now and it’s great to give someone a magical gift; if you have a laser engraver machine that can make things a little more special. Now, of course a lot of people would say people don’t really want an engraver machine for Christmas and that is true. However, there are many avenues to explore when it comes to these machines because while you don’t have to buy one, you can put it to good use! Read on and find a few options to look into with a laser engraving machine.

Making Someone’s Gift More Personalized This Christmas

Buying a gift for someone is difficult whether they are five, fifteen or fifty! Every person likes something different and wants something only they have. It is incredibly hard to find a gift that everyone likes and as the years go by, and someone grows up, buying something new for them is really tough. However with a laser engraver machine it can be a lot easier. Now, don’t get the idea wrong, you don’t have to actually gift someone the machine but rather use it to make a personalized gift. The machine can be used to engrave a special gift such as a piece of jewelry or something similar. That would certainly make the gift a lot more unique and very special too.

CO2 Laser Engraver Will Make You Explore Homemade Gifts

If you are someone who likes to be creative then it may be wise to look into homemade items. Now a lot of people think homemade gifts are cheap and impersonal but that isn’t always the case. As said above, it’s hard to buy a great gift for someone but making something from home can make it so much more personal and special too. This is what you want and need as it makes the gift unique in its own way. A CO2 laser engraver can be a useful tool when it comes to homemade gifts as it can help you create something very amazing and unique.  If you’re looking for a laser engraver I offer some help below on what you need to look for.  But, you can check out BossLaser as they have a competitive, value driven product offer.

Make Christmas Special

Christmas is a special time and everyone loves to give a gift that is so unique and very special. Unfortunately for most they find it a hard practice to buy new items as everyone is so different. Anyone who goes out shopping for Christmas gifts will know it’s so true but if you have a laser engraver machine to hand you could use it this Christmas. You can create unique gifts or make items you’ve purchased more personal. This is a great idea and something you will want to explore also.

Be the Gift-Giver Everyone Remembers

Do you want to be just another person who gives a gift or someone that everyone remembers for the gifts you give? You don’t necessarily want appreciation but you certainly want your gift to be the one everyone remembers. With a great tool such as a laser engraving machine you can get a wonderful gift. Using a laser engraver machine can be a wonderful tool and it’s certainly someone you can use for your personalized gifts too.

Laser Cutting Machines

Laser Cutting Machines – Today’s Latest Technology

Not too long ago, a hobby laser was just an idea, a concept that very few were aware of or thought about. However, today, that has sorely changed and there are now millions using laser cutting technology. Laser cutting machines are actually very useful for a variety of reasons and they can potentially help any business during the manufacturing process. These are valued tools and they will become highly sought after too.

What Can Laser Cutting Machines Be Used For?

Cutting materials such as metals, wood and even fabrics has become far simpler and it’s all down to a laser cutting machine. You wouldn’t think these tools would assist in almost any cutting task, but they do and are so greatly needed. However, it isn’t just big businesses and manufacturers who are using such tools, home based businesses and craft enthusiast are also using them. They are nifty little features though and they can handle anything that is thrown at home.

Using a Laser Cutter in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a varied field and it’s quite remarkable, but there are a lot of challenges to come with this too. When you manufacture, you’re cutting lots of materials and as you do, there are dust and particles that get left behind. However, these things can affect the cut of the material, especially if a saw blade is used. Steel blades are great but they can go through a lot in a very short space of time which can lead to dullness in the blade. This will then cause the blade to cut not as effectively as before and that can cost a business thousands of dollars, potentially millions. However, a laser cutting machine can avoid these problems and can offer clean cuts. This not only helps a business save money but time too. Learn more here!  You can also look at industry sites and blogs for user reviews.  LaserProna.com reviews for example has some feedback on their machines on this blog.  It may be difficult to find legitimate sources.  However, good, reputable companies should have a lot of feedback not just one or two reviews.

A Modern Solution for Modern Businesses

Using mechanical cutting tools can still be great but as time change, there is a need to change with it. You cannot just stick to the old-fashioned tools when your competitors are using the latest cutting edge technology because they can potentially out-strip your company. If this happens, you potentially could lose out in custom and that means less money. You don’t know where you’ll end up and that is why it has become extremely necessary to change with modern times. Using a laser cutter can be a great idea and it’s not too difficult to use either. This is a simple tool and it makes cutting materials far easier.

Designing Complex Shapes

Laser Cutting MachinesWhen you are designing something special and it’s oddly designed or shaped, then that is going to present a lot of challenges. Cutting the materials is tough at the best of times, but since you’re designing a unique piece, it’s far tougher. This could mean you have more work on your hands or the project doesn’t get off the ground. That is a waste but with a laser cutting machine you can ensure the materials are cut however you like and want them to be. This is easy to do because of the lasers and their ability to cut fast and precise. Visit http://satprnews.com/2016/11/28/laser-cutting-machine-market-key-players-growth-analysis-by-2026/ today!

Step Into Today’s Modern World

Change is a horrid thing and in all honesty there aren’t many who like it. You never know what is going to come from change and it’s a scary thing. However, laser cutters aren’t so scary and they can save you so much time, money and even energy too! Using a laser cutter can be a great idea and it’s one to grasp!

Laser Cutting Jobs

Laser Cutting Jobs

The laser cutter machine hasn’t been around for very long and yet it does seem to be immensely popular. It is strange to say so because only a few years ago people were laughing at the idea of laser cutting technology. However, things have come a long way in such a short space of time and it has become very easy to see why laser cutting has changed the face of manufacturing especially. These machines are crucial tools and there is no sign they’re going away.

What Can The Laser Cutter Machine Do?

They are able to handle a variety of materials such as steel piping, fabrics, wood, glass, stone and so much more. That is why they are able to be used in a wide variety of areas and not just in one or two sectors. For this reason, the laser cutters have become very popular and they really do offer so much. A laser cutter can easily handle most materials and can be used for a variety of purposes as well. These cutters are on the cutting edge of technology and as a result, they are so easy to use. Continue reading…

Can Anyone Use Them?

There is a big misconception that only certain people can use the laser cutting tools but in reality that is far from the case. Anyone can in fact use the laser cutters and, as long as you know what to do, you should be fine. However, before you use them or consider using a laser cutter machine, it’s wise to get some education or knowledge of them. Training is advisable when it comes to using cutting machines. These are large tools and often very complex and if you do not use them in an effective manner you might end up with a few issues. That is why it’s necessary to get some training before you start using these tools.

Should You Consider These For Your Business?

Laser Cutting JobsA laser cutter can in fact offer some much needed assistance to your business. You don’t necessarily need to have a manufacturing plant to have use of laser cutting tools. If you have a small sewing business or are into crafts then this can be a useful little tool. You might not think they have many uses but they do and that is why they are vastly needed in today’s modern world. The cutters offer so much and they really can be a cost-effective tool for small and large businesses. Read the latest news coming from http://www.cullmantimes.com/news/topre-moving-assembly-line-to-ohio-no-cullman-job-losses/article_d440f49c-c632-11e6-a647-eba037dcd83f.html

Laser Cutters Are the Technology of the Future

Laser technology is a modern concept and yet it has been around for a very long time. However, it seems it’s only today in which this concept has come into play. It’s very strange because lasers have been used for years but it’s today that technology has allowed them to work more effectively in a variety of areas. That is why they are so popular because there is a big need for these and they have proven their worth as well. Using a laser cutting machine can be an excellent idea.  Looking for laser cutter reviews check out http://www.apa21.org.

Laser Cutters

How to Use Laser Cutters

A fiber laser cutting machine has become extremely sought after in the world of today, yet many aren’t too sure how these machines work. They can appear to be very complex, but once you know how to run them, they are actually very simple to use. Laser cutting has taken off in recent years and it’s all because of how precise the cutting can be and it’s quite cost effective as well. If you want to know more about how to use laser cutters, read on.

The Basics

Before you’re able to use a fiber laser cutting machine you are going to need a few simple things, such as your materials and some protective eye wear and gloves. It is also advisable to use some heavy protective garments so that your skin is safe during this process. Too many people don’t think about using heavy guard clothing and end up getting hurt when something goes wrong. You will also need a computer drawing or graphics program that will interface with the laser.  Common programs such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw or easy.  Of course there are also many other programs to choose from, but you’ll need at least one. The computer program is necessary so that you can design and create your artwork for the laser to cut.  Most people don’t realize a computer drawing program is even necessary.

Create Your Design

First of all, you will need to go onto your drawing program and come up with a suitable design. This should be a relatively simple part, and once you have thought of a few ideas, you can select the cutting width. This can vary depending on what materials you’re using and the project you’re working on also. In terms of settings, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations with the laser cutter.

Ensure the Lens Is Clean

There is a lens of your laser cutter and it’s necessary to ensure this is clean so that it can be used. If the lens isn’t clean then the cut may not be as accurate as you’d like which is why it’s necessary to conduct the basic checks. To remove the lens, switch off the cutter and remove the screws that attach the lens to the machine. Once it’s removed, use a good cleaning solution to clean it and reattach the lens. Again, look at the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them so that the machine is ready to use.

Proper Training Is Crucial For Handling a Laser Cutter

Laser CuttersHowever, while it might appear relatively simple to use laser cutters, it’s a little more complicated than that. Real training and education is needed here so that you don’t make a mistake and that you keep to the basic safety rules as well. It’s all too easy to make a mistake or two and cause an accident so it’s best to get some basic training done before using the machine. A fiber laser cutting machine may look simple but again, training is needed. View full info coming from http://hackaday.com/2016/12/23/convert-that-cheap-laser-engraver-to-100-open-source-toolchain/

Be Careful What You Read

Take care to review not only the machine and the technology it offers, but the company and technical support they offer.  It’s equally important.  A high tech machine is only as effective as the overall tech support behind it.  Which includes timely phone or remote support as well as available parts.  And of course machine warranty.  Don’t under estimate support.  You should also get feedback from clients who have had their machine for years.  Here’s an example of a Boss Laser review who’s owned the machine for years.  Some can be good and some can be bad.  But, you will get more understanding to help make a decision from customer feedback.  Third party sites that monitor and accredit companies can also prove helpful here is another example for the same laser cutter company:  Boss Laser.  Forum feedback can be helpful but much of it is filled with opinions from administrators who are biased due to the forum sponsors or their own personal bias as well as technicians or regional sales people who think what they own or sell is best.  Often little feedback from actual customers with real operational experience is posted.  So, be aware of that.